Hockeyclub Kampong starts competition season with Chess iX Minitix POSserver

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Hockeyclub Kampong starts mobile NFC payments trial

Mobile NFC payments are taking off and are considered to be very promising to replace cash payments and paying for small amounts. Hockeyclub Kampong has started in cooperation with Rabobank and Chess iX a NFC payment trial in its clubhouse. Fivehunderd members are receiving a NFC payment sticker that can be placed in or on the mobile phone. The payment sticker is an identifier to a personal Rabobank Minitix wallet. Members can pay with their  Minitix wallet by touching their mobile phone with NFC sticker to a NFC payment terminals. No PIN is required: Touch & Go! 
 Payments in the clubhouse are processed using the Chess iX Minitix POSserver and four Chess iX PAy4You Go NFC payment terminals. The Chess iX Minitix POSserver processes payment transactions between ECR’s, NFC payment terminals and the Rabobank Minitix system.
 Paying with the Minitix NFC sticker is fast and easy. A transaction is processed within one seconde. Like the dutch Chipknip, no PIN-code needs to be entered. The NFC sticker can be placed in or on the mobile phone. The Minitix wallet is managed by means of internet or mobile phone apps. Rabobank offers NFC payments based on the Minitix wallet in conjunction with a NFC sticker or card under the label: Minitix Proximity payments.
Chess iX partners with Rabobank Netherlands in several NFC Minitix Proximity payment trials to test Minitix Proximity payments in different markets. Chess iX supports these trials in the catering, retail and events market with its Minitix POSserver and Pay4You Go payment terminals. For more information or if you want to test Minitix Proximity payments yourself, please contact us.

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