So many of the market’s daily activities rely on technology that, when it comes to designing and developing digital experiences at Chess, we see no boundaries among platforms. 
Nevertheless Chess needs partners for specialized activities or craftsmanship.  So that we can keep offering the market best of breed solutions. We know and have worked with most partners for years and when applicable have collaborative working environments or development platforms.

Technology partners

Partners to support us in the technical area are:

Our near shoring partner for excellent software development in Serbia

EXECOM is a Serbian based software engineering house offering qualified sourcing for projects, domain knowledge and manageable IT costs. With over 15 years of experience EXECOM acts as a development partner supporting client’s for the complete development cycle of complex software solutions. The range of successfully delivered projects shows the company’s focus on innovation and quality. Execom develops, following the Chess standards for quality and testing and uses the Chess configuration for the development environment so that easy test & integration is possible.

Terremark is a leader in Cloud, IT infrastructure and managed hosting services, providing a wide array of businesses with unrivaled secure facilities, managed services, uninterrupted power, customer support and flexible data protection customized to individual business needs.

The Sonar community
Open source developer of Code Quality tools 

Industrial design and usability 

NPK design is an international design agency; a strong partner in the development, industrial design, public design and graphic design, and realization of extremely diverse products for the brand and market of its clients. 


But relying on this superb technology is not enough. So Chess works with very experienced organizations and consultants that advocate and provide advisory and domain knowledge to Chess.
Partners that support us in that perspective are :

Baken op Zee 
Represented by Frank Krom (formal CIO ING) 
Frank Krom has worked on the cross roads of business and information technology for more than 25 years. He studied econometrics, has a master title in marketing and was top 5 nominated CIO of the year 2009.
In the eighties he established the foundation of the current customer intelligence of the Postbank in The Netherlands. In the early nineties he managed the project bureau of the programme Operations Innovation. This programme realized a huge productivity raise by business process redesign of the payment processes and systems of Postbank and ING Bank in combination with the application of new technologies. Around 2000 at the European Innovation Centre of ING Group he realized among others innovations like TWYP, a payment service provider (predecessor of I-Deal) and initiated financial services by mobile phone. He was CIO of ING Lease Holding from 2002 till 2010 dealing with the 3 business lines general Lease, car lease and commercial finance and the holding.

GreenTimes bv
Represented by PeterJan Bentein en Frederik Wegener Sleeswijk  
Greentimes has set as a goal to anchor sustainability into the daily routine of office workers. It has developed a groundbreaking new concept which makes sustainable behaviour measurable and concrete. Businesses and organizations can no longer claim to be sustainable if nothing really changes. Greentimes has developed several dashboards that show individual printing behaviour, data storage, the CO2-footprint of each and every staff member, thus incentivizing the staff to think ‘sustainable’ and change their daily routine. By implementing the Greentimes concept the organization not only embraces sustainability, but really saves money as well. Greentimes believes that sustainability easily matches with lower costs.

The company was founded in 2010 by Peter-Jan Bentein, former CEO of ING Lease Netherlands and Frederik Wegener Sleeswijk, VP Vendor Lease at ING Lease. They wanted to create a new business, on the condition that it would add something good for our planet and our society. 
They know Chess-iX for many years, and have cooperated with Chess-iX in many occasions. They believe Chess-iX is a top player in innovative software development, adding both flexibility and creativity to the process.

Qhuba bv
Represented by Ward Hagenaar

Qhuba means “drive”. The drive to succeed, grow and learn.To successfully implement strategies, to address challenges, to connect people and to share knowledge. Qhuba, a network of , works with its clients, managers of multinationals and investment funds, on Business & Technology Management.
In the boardroom Qhuba provides consultancy, contingency and contacts. In business execution Qhuba provide the best people, practical knowledge, corporate success.

For Chess Qhuba provides sourcing of permanent staff, interim management and business development.

CIB bv
Represented by Roel Crooijmans, specialist in e-invoicing