Video of the Month : Introduction to NoSQL

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The internet contains lots and lots of very good video’s about all kind of interesting subjects. This month the subject is NoSQL.

NoSQL databases are becoming more and more popular for fast application development and big data applications and are used at Chess as well. A very good introduction on NoSQL databases, what they are, when to use and why there are a natural fit to Domain Driven Design is now available. So don’t miss this presentation given by one of the authors of ‘NoSQL distilled’ Martin Fowler.

Next time when you have to choose which database technology to use, you better know which choice to make.

Java class loaders to the rescue!

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Sometimes you want to use an existing library or a piece of code, that works for you in case you want a single instance of it, but doesn’t work if you want to pool of them. Most of the time this is due to the usage of static structures. Rebuilding that piece of sourceĀ  code it is not what you want or even possible.

Class loaders can help

In a JVM the combination of a Java class and its class loader is unique. So, the same Java class in different class loaders are, from the JVM point of view, different classes. So a Java class with static structures can be loaded multiple times in a JVM when loaded in different class loaders. So the basic idea is clear, use several class loaders to make it work.

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